You vs Harley Quin (Birds of Prey 2020 Movie)

You vs Harley Quin (Birds of Prey 2020 Movie)

You’ve just gotten coffee at a dingy little diner — a low-key place where you had to wipe the dirty mug before taking a sip. Everything in Gotham’s a little rough around the edges, but you’re not expecting glitz and glamor. You’re here on a work trip and after walking around a bit during the day, you recognize its dark and edgy character. You head outside after it’s just been raining and it’s freezing. An unholy breeze smacks you in the face and you just want to get back to your warm hotel. You turn the corner and, to your pleasant surprise, an alleyway serves as a shortcut to your safe haven.

But there’s something kind of sinister about this alleyway. Something feels off. You notice a tuft of blonde hair from a woman as she’s crouched in the shadows. Not too far behind is another woman with a sharp fedora-looking hat on, holding a gun in your direction. A swift turn of your head and you see two pointy ears and a sleek black mask across a brunette’s eyes. Next to her, a remarkably attractive woman with fair skin, long black hair and purple eyes looms nearby. And finally, a sinister smile, those white blonde pigtails with the pink and blue tips and tattoos everywhere that the whole world’s come to recognize faces you dead on.

You haven’t done anything to arouse suspicion, but you’ve had the immense pleasure of finding yourself faced with the Birds of Prey — an intense squad made up of Black Canary, Renee Montoya, Cassandra Cain, Huntress and Harley Quinn. They’re tough — to put it lightly — ready to fight and don’t trust you.

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