tv news studio lighting techniques (LED footlight, floor lights) – Lumos 300F, 500F

tv news studio lighting techniques (LED footlight, floor lights) – Lumos 300F, 500F

Lumos by DMLite ( LED Lighting Technology )
footlight,floor lights

The natural LED Lighting Lumos
nice on skin tones, minimal green output

TV news studio lighting line up
LED lighting : Lumos300, Lumos500, Lumos700

Lumos 700mk, Lumos 700gt, Lumos 700f
Lumos 500mk, Lumos 500gt, Lumos 500f
Lumos 300mk, Lumos 300gt, Lumos 300f

Lumos provides the highest CRI lighting for the professionals, from R1 – R15Generally Ra is the average value from No.`1 to No.8 and excludes 9~15. Lumos LED lights includes all values. Most LED lights have very low value on R9 (Strong Red) and R12 (Strong Blue). Lumos LED light is rated above 90 on R9 and R12 unlike others.

European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has devised a new system of assessing colorimetric quality called ‘Television Lighting Consistency Index’ (TLCI) in 2012 to address the shortcomings of now commonly used system ‘CRI’. Because the way cameras interpret light slightly differs from how a human eye perceives it, the TLCI attempts to provide a more accurate prediction of color fidelity of light source in broadcast setting. Lighting equipment with high CRI rating may have low TLCI due to inaccurate color temperature.Lumos LED achieved TLCI measurements of 99 at 3200K and 97 at 5600K respectively. Also, Lumos LED implements accurate Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 3200K + 100K / 5600K + 150K, Furthermore demonstrating the superiority of Lumos LED’s light quality.

DMLite Co. Ltd., the company is located at the heart of East Asia, S. Korea (manufacture)
Lumos by DMLite Asia NO.1 brand ‘Lumos’ of High Quality LED Lighting systems 코리아 Lumos LED lights are suitable for Filmmaking and HD broadcasting studio

Illuminance and color temperature deviation are minimal
when dimming, resulting in superior performance compared to analog dimming technology. Lumos LED lights have standard DMX 512 for broadcasting capability and safe circuit design for studios, where long shooting times are required, and for portable (field) use

tv news studio lighting techniques (LED footlight, floor lights)
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