Transform Any Location: Fashion Cinematography

Transform Any Location: Fashion Cinematography

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One of the best parts of making visuals is getting to have fun and experiment with different looks. There are certain types of projects that allow you to get creative and try new things. Music videos and experimental films are what most people think of, but fashion films are another place you can show off your creative lighting. Fashion videos can be anything, and companies will usually put out a video that captures the feeling associated with the clothes rather than the clothes themselves. Today on 4 Minute Film School, we show you how you can completely change the look of your fashion video using only lighting.

In this video, Vee from the A-Team walks us through two different lighting setups for fashion videos, both using the same location. First, she picks the outfit that she is going to highlight in the video. The color and material of the outfit will help inform the style of the video. Second, she choses color for the video that complements the outfit. This can be done through set design or the color of the lights being used. Lastly, she shows how to achieve a completely different look using the same location.

The main techniques used in this video are lighting based on the outfit, taking advantage of your location, and knowing when to use fog. Lighting based on the outfit means that you should know what the outfit is before you plan the lighting, and not the other way around. This way you put the most focus on your outfit. Taking advantage of your location means that you should use your location to help show off the qualities of the outfit. Using objects or textures that already exist in the location is a great way to do this. Knowing when to use fog means that you should understand that fog is not necessary for every situation. It might even be more useful to know when not to use fog.

There are hundreds of ways you can light even a single location. Any one of those ways could be the right way. The key with fashion lighting is to let the location become part of the scene, and let the outfit and the environment compliment each other. Want to try lighting for a fashion video? Just put your friend in some cool clothes and try something. Part of the fun of filmmaking is trying new things, so grab a camera and try something new!

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