Top Ten: Cinematography Moments

Top Ten: Cinematography Moments

A friend and I were talking about the amazing work of one Kim Manners and it inspired me to make this. Not all of these clips are from Kim, but many of them are.

I remember back in season three, I wasn’t one of the ones complaining about Rubella or demons being too prominent. My complaint was usually the over-saturation. It felt jarring compared to the dark, gritty feel of seasons one and two. So I’ve always been interested in the filming styles. Just thought I’d make this to show the pretty.

It was surprisingly hard to narrow it down to ten. It was always equally hard to distinguish cinematography from special effects. I think I did okay in that department but if you have any input, feel free to share.

Note: Again, this place isn’t for flaming or trolls. I’d like it to be kept peaceful here. Healthy arguments are okay but once people start foaming at the mouth and pulling hair, we’ve got a problem.

Another note: Please keep in mind that these are only my choices. I based these clips on the cinematography alone and not the camera’s subjects. I went from my least favorite to my absolute favorite. If you happen to disagree with any of my choices, feel free to voice your opinions in a respectful manner. I’m interested to know what other people think of this less-talked about aspect of Show.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters. Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke, the CW, and Warner Brothers. The song is Ghost Woman and the Hunter from Lacuna Coil. I don’t own that either. No copyright infringement is intended.


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