Top Fails at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

Top Fails at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

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#Fail was trending in our book for the MTV Movie Awards and we loved every single awkward moment. You are back at Clevver’s Trophy Life, our coverage of the hottest award shows… and right now we’re breaking down the best fails from the stage. Up first, poor dear sweet Jessica Alba. When presenting the award for Best Shirtless Performance to Zac Efron.

Talk about a truly awkward moment… and crazy me – I thought Zac Efron was his name all of these years… and that’s because it is his name. Alba accidentally said Efron. That was a fail… and another fail is this moment.

That’s a fail that we can get behind because the rest of the set-up for the Best Comedic Performance reveal — between Amanda Seyfried and Seth MacFarlane — was pretty darn funny… from their poking fun at the challenges that stars face in real life, like resisting the temptation to do cocaine, not getting caught on TMZ saying something racist and not dumping Taylor Swift is also pretty darn hard… just like pulling off a comedic performance. Then when Chris Pratt walked on-stage without a microphone, he wound up doing a 30-second mime routine.

Oh and oops, this was the opening to the live pre-show…


And there were definitely a few times that we thought those big golden buckets of popcorn might drop to the ground — but no trophies were hurt in the process of filming. Alright so those are the best fails at this year’s MTV Movie Awards — it was a fun show to watch, so which of these moments made you LOL?? Post the best fail below in the comments section below and click over here to checkout the highlights from the show. I’m Dana Ward and thanks so much for tuning into Clevver’s Trophy Life. See you next time!

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