Things Only True Fans Noticed In The It: Chapter 2 Trailer

Things Only True Fans Noticed In The It: Chapter 2 Trailer

Ready to go back to Derry? The first trailer for It: Chapter Two has arrived, and it looks like writer-director Andy Muschietti might just pull it off again.

Though most of the clip is devoted to one scene, there are a few small but telling details that you might have missed. Spoilers ahead!

Meet Mrs. Kersh. Most of the trailer finds Beverly Marsh returning to her father’s old home. The new resident seems like a nice enough old lady, doesn’t she?

Meanwhile, Bev is heartened to discover the old “January embers” poem that Ben wrote for her so many decades before. But the atmosphere in the apartment grows eerier by the second, especially when Mrs. Kersh’s starts verbally tormenting Beverly.

If you read Stephen King’s massive novel It, you’ll remember this moment as one of the creepiest scenes in the book. In the novel, Mrs. Kersh transforms into a yellow-toothed witch. The trailer doesn’t quite show us what she’ll become in the movie, but we’re already covering our eyes.

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Hello Mrs. Kersh | 0:22
Thinning the herd | 1:06
Back to the beginning | 1:57
Time for dinner | 2:47
Paul Bunyan statue alert | 3:16
The ritual | 3:54