The Outsider Cinematography (with Igor Martinovic and Zak Mulligan) GCS209

The Outsider Cinematography (with Igor Martinovic and Zak Mulligan) GCS209

HBO’s adaptation of Stephen King’s THE OUTSIDER is a masterclass in camera movement, framing and focus. Listen as the cinematographers share how they achieved its dark and moody look.

Two of the series directors of photography, Igor Martinovic and Zak Mulligan, and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss how Igor transitioned from cinematographer to director, shooting on the Sony Venice, lighting and exposing for dark cinematography, and more!

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✅ Transitioning from cinematographer to director (03:32)
✅ Stephen King’s involvement in THE OUTSIDER (06:44)
✅ Collaboration between the director and cinematographer (10:55)
✅ Ensuring a consistent look across cinematographers (12:29)
✅ How to film dark cinematography (12:29)
✅ Filming with the Sony Venice (30:18)
✅ Tips for lighting and exposing for dark cinematography (34:36)
✅ Working with the production designer (37:30)
✅ Framing and composition of THE OUTSIDER (38:31)
✅ Value of a single shot scene (45:20)
✅ The use of focus in THE OUTSIDER (51:05)
✅ Camera movement in THE OUTSIDER (56:32)
✅ Challenging the audience to think and engage (01:03:43)
✅ And more!

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