The Hunt – a documentary on wild animal poaching in north-east India

The Hunt – a documentary on wild animal poaching in north-east India

The Hunt: a documentary on wild animal poaching in north-east India.

This film also highlights the traditions of the Lotha tribe of Longsa village in Nagaland and also the problem of culturally institutionalized hunting and poaching activities in that region.

The film attempts to capture the way of life of the Lotha tribe in Nagaland. Although the ways are traditional, some of them are taking a toll on the environment and the ecology.

Traditionally, the Nagas are food gatherers and they hunted anything that moved in the jungle. An overwhelming number of people have realized that indiscriminate hunting is wiping out the animals and an ever-increasing variety of animal species have become rare.

The film tries to see how the slash, burn and shifting cultivation technique employed by the Lothas and the other nagas have a very adverse effect. They burn the forest and all the vegetation on the hill slopes and use the barren slopes to cultivate wheat and other cash crops.

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