The Dolly Zoom Effect: Cinematic Camera Movements in Film [Vertigo Effect] #dollyzoom

The Dolly Zoom Effect: Cinematic Camera Movements in Film [Vertigo Effect] #dollyzoom

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Dolly zooms are a great way to call attention to your filmmaking prowess. That said, many of the best filmmakers have reinvented this technique in their own unique way rather than just rolling out an overly familiar iteration for the viewer.

Our videos breaks down the purpose behind a thoughtful dolly/zoom, and shows you some of the most successful examples across multiple film eras including the famous Vertigo Hitchcock dolly/zoom, Spielberg dolly/zoom, and Peter Jackson dolly/zoom.

You’ll also learn about

Dolly/Zoom History
Dolly/Zoom Guidelines
Dolly/Zoom Techniques

We also go over how the dolly/zoom is being changed, and how your peers will be using them in the near future. Don’t let them get a head start.

When you finish this video, you will understand, from a filmmakers perspective, why the dolly/zoom is so valuable as well as notorious. You’ll also be inspired to create your own film techniques that play with focal length, camera movement, and ingenuity.

The end result: You will understand how camera movement and lens choice can induce dread, disorientation, and supernatural effects.

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