The 11 minutes that ruined Hollywood producer Allan Carr's career forever

The 11 minutes that ruined Hollywood producer Allan Carr's career forever

From over 30 years ago – This is the infamous opening song and dance number to the March 29, 1989 awards show, with Rob Lowe singing to Snow White, dancing tables and so much more. This bombed so badly that the show’s producer, Allan Carr (who made the movie GREASE) found himself shunned by Hollywood, and spent the next decade in relative seclusion until his death from liver cancer in 1999. . Great article in Los Angeles Magazine:

Carr’s story is also told in the new documentary film The Fabulous Allan Carr, which is based on the excellent book Party Animals by Robert Hofler. Used paperback copies can be found at amazon for under ten bucks.

You may also want to check out the very interesting Hollywood Reporter article about actress Eileen Bowman’s experience playing Snow White on this show. (Google her name and Hollywood Reporter). During rehearsals this opening number also featured the dancing Nicholas Brothers and an appearance by Mayim Biyalik, but both were cut before the ceremony’s broadcast because the segment was running much too long.

One point of confusion that keeps appearing in the comments section here is people who think that Rob Lowe’s sex tape scandal had already occurred when he did this telecast. It had not. The scandal broke approximately 6 weeks after this telecast, but since it occurred so close in time people remember them together. While the tape with the under-age girl was recorded July 17, 1988 in Atlanta, the public didn’t learn about its existence until the girl’s mother’s attorney, J. Hue Henry, filed suit against Lowe on May 12, 1989. (This telecast was March 29, 1989.)

List of dancers according to a call sheet: Steve Merritt, D’Vaughn Pershing, Albie Berk, Eileen Bowman, Holly Vonk, Cheryl Baxter, Paula J. Belis, Pam Klinger, Tricia McFarlin, Edna R. Chew, Andrea Moen, Linda Sabatelli, Carla Earle, Christian Hanson, Debby Harris, Val Diamond, Shelly Werk, Lillian Colon, Barry Bernal, Tim Bond, Robert Brady, Tony Burrer, Steve Cooper, Ed Forsyth, Michael Fullington, David Giugni, Michael Higgins, Erik Hyler, Jim Kolb, Ken Miller, Felix Montano, Trish Ramish, Scott Musgrove, Regan Patno, Jamie Pisano, Nathan Prevost, Craig Raciawski, Gavin Ryan, Blane Savage, Christopher Solari, Todd Jenkins, Tina Bells, Tina Bradley, Karen Christenberry, Susan Conner, Carla Earie, Julie Morrical, Andrea Paris, Jody Peterson


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