Stop Motion Tutorial: How to build a set

Stop Motion Tutorial: How to build a set

In this tutorial, I explain how to build sets you might see in a stop motion film or stop motion animation, or a live action puppet film. The focus here is on using foam to build up a ground environment. I start by laminating sheets of foam, and then go over different methods for cutting, carving, and shaping. I’ve linked some of the tools and materials here:

Great Stuff Foam Spray:
Japanese Saw:

**I will always recommend DEWALT products if available. You can usually find something cheaper, but I’ve found DEWALT to be very reliable and worth their price.

Drywall Hand Saw:
Variable Speed Polisher:
DEWALT Drill combo kit: **In my top ten must have studio tools

**Files – you kind of get what you pay for. If you want one with a handle that doesn’t fall off- don’t get a cheap one. An expensive one will last forever if you take care of it. Course is most aggressive on foam.

10 inch half round course (cheap):
10 inch half round course (better quality):
*as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases 🙂

These sets are actually for a children’s book I’m working on- the final image in the book will be photographs of the sets and puppets, but it is the exact same process and construction I’ve used when building sets for puppet productions. I will be documenting the complete construction of this set – all the way up to lighting and final photography- so stay tuned. You can also find many other how to videos and tutorials on my Playlist “Stop Motion Puppets and Sets”, that get into other aspects of set building, puppet fabrication, lighting sets, stop motion tips, and just fun behind the scenes and how to stuff. Thanks for checking it out!


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