Sneak Peak into the Filmmaking Workshop

Sneak Peak into the Filmmaking Workshop

Balcony 105 conducts 2-month long Film-making Courses in Lahore. This video is a sneak peak into the Film-making Professional Training Course. To sign up for the next Film-making Course or more details about the course, click on the following link below

Details about the Course:

Ever since the global social media algorithms started favoring the videos, more and more businesses, bloggers, vloggers and content creators are switching from photography to videography.
Therefore, the course is aimed towards amateurs who want to familiarize themselves with the basics of filmmaking and create a visually strong short film/video/ad by learning the key elements for creating a successful video.
The workshop is limited for 15 people only so that every individual may get the full attention and may engage in a one-on-one interaction with the tutor. Participants may bring their own projects which they want to work on, and the tutor will help them develop their project into a final product.
Who can benefit from the course?
Amateur Filmmakers
Youtube Content Creators/Vloggers
Social Media Influencers/Bloggers
Small Business Ad Campaigns – Create Impressive films for your product or service
Short Films or Documentaries for Academic Projects
Entry Test Film for Admission in National College of Arts, Lahore
Course Outline:
Class 1: Basic Grammar of Filmmaking
Class 2: Script Writing / Storytelling
Class 3: Narrative Building and Story board
Class 4: Shooting and Filming
Class 5: Lighting, Camera Angles
Class 6: Reading moving images
Class 7: Tetxual Analysis
Class 8 and 9: Idea Pitching Call
Practical Project
Class 10: Idea Discussion for a film of a maximum of 5 min. duration
Class 11: Shooting
Class 12 and 13: Editing
Class 14 and 15: Sound Mixing and Post Production
Class 16: Screening of the final projects of students + Certificate Distribution

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