SHUBH VIVAH (2020) NEW RELEASED Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | New Movies 2020 | New South Movies 2020

SHUBH VIVAH (2020) NEW RELEASED Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | New Movies 2020 | New South Movies 2020

Presenting South (Sauth) Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie 2020 New (New Hindi Movies 2020, New South Movie 2020, New Movies 2020) “SHUBH VIVAH” starring Sumanth Ashwin, Niharika Konidela & Annapoorna. Exclusively on AD-WISE MEDIA ACTION MOVIEPLEX.

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Cast: Sumanth Ashwin, Niharika Konidela & Annapoorna
Director – Lakshman Karya
Producer : M. Sumanth Raju
Editor : Krishna Reddy
Music : Shakthikanth Karthick
Cinematography : Bal Reddy

Akshara(Niharika Konidela) a designer and Anand(Sumanth Ashwin) an ad film director are in love and their love has been accepted by their parents (Naresh,Pavitra Lokesh, Murali Sharma, Tulasi). Their marriage preparations has been started. Meanwhile Vijay (Raja Chambolu) an entrepreneur in fashion industry who is Akshara’s ex boyfriend tries to convince her to restart their relationship but Akshara didn’t accept his proposal and advises him to move on. Then Akshara and Anand tries mingle with each others families successfully. Then after their engagement some critical circumstances Anand avoids Akshara then Akshara musundertoods Anand and tells him in front of Vijay that he has taking granted on her and she broke up with Vijay because of that reason so now he was also thinking like that and questions Anand that what’s the difference between him and Vijay?
Then Anand advises her that if she don’t want this marriage she has full freedom to call off the marriage. But Akshara takes some time to rethink about her decision. Later Vijay while going to London for a meeting he advises Akshara that decide soon are else it may gonna be late and he says that if she had any feelings on him he will come back for her.

Then the marriage preparations are started in Vijayawada at Anand’s residence. Day by day Anand became tensed because of Akshara’s confused mind set and he tries to convince her to take back her decision. Later Akshara’s friend Laveena(Pujita Ponnada) and her aunt Niraja (Indraja) a psychologist tries to realise her mistake in decision making. But Akshara still in confusion to make it or brake it.

Finally two days left for marriage Anand asks Akshara about her decision but she gives no reply and Anand conforms that she does not like him and decides to call off the marriage. But Akshara tries to stop him to not tell the either of the parents then he explains about his situation and pressure of a bride grooms family. Then he decided to tell the issue to his parents and call off the marriage. But Akshara’s Parents hears all the conversation then Anand tries to make the situation cool and takes blame on him asks a request to Akshara’s father that do not scold Akshara after he left. Then her father supports her daughter and says that weather her decision is good or bad he will stay for her side and decides to apologize Anand’s family but Anand convince them to go back to Hyderabad and he will convince his family to stop the wedding.

Later in Anand’s residence in confession time Anand confess everything happened in the marriage. Then suddenly with his surprise Akshara interrupts Anand and conveys her feelings and fears about the marriage and now she has overcome with that and says she is ready for the marriage and proposes Anand for the marriage.
Then in the final day all the misunderstandings had gone the movie ends with Akshara and Anand’s “Happy Wedding”

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