Short Film Of The Year Nominees—2020 Snowboarder Awards

Short Film Of The Year Nominees—2020 Snowboarder Awards

We will be dropping the nominees for each category over the next week, leading up to the first annual SNOWBOARDER AWARDS. The winner of each category will be announced during the first annual award show at Copper Mountain on Feb. 6, 2020 (while the Dew Tour is in town). With +350 past, present and future pro riders casting their votes for the individuals and projects that most influenced our culture this past year culminating into one big night, it is poised to be quite the party (FREE TO THE PUBLIC!). Feel free to come join us in celebrating the winners, as well as the top nominees (listed below).

In the spirit of the snowboard crew, a group of friends who coagulate at the base of a mountain, pack too many people into too little space in order to spend less time working and more time riding, and evolve from the un- or nearly-known to the rising generation comes The Dust Box. Like those that came before them, the SKIDS, the Wildcats, Trulli Clan, 1817, residents of a variety of houses on the PSU campus (and then some), the members of Dust Box have not-so-quietly made their presence known from their home base in Salt Lake City, amassing a steadily growing following that increases in parallel to the street spots they claim. While over the past few years their individual exploits have been fodder for Instagram and digital snowboarding media and they’ve made impressions at events like The Launch, HDHR, SKOLF, and more, in 2019 they pooled their skillsets along with filmer, Miles Perrault for a lo-fi short feature aptly titled, The Dust Box Presents. While The Dust Box Presents is chock full of quality riding and apt lifeys put together in a way that almost feels nostalgic for a time before any of the riders were even born, it’s also unequivocal proof of the coming tide in street snowboarding. A self-made showcase of the individuals that are leaving more and more of a mark each winter—a mark that is overflowing with style.

While a short video loaded with powder riding will seldom disappoint, Rooster Tail, Austen Sweetin and filmer Sean Lucey’s follow up to last year’s High Octane, tackles fresh turns with a fresher perspective, combing an A-list roster of riders with aspirational terrain and unbridled, well, roosting. The eleven-minute video features Robin Van Gyn, Blair Habenicht, Bryan Fox, Travis Rice, and more, and of course, is anchored by Sweetin, who exalts the audience with his personal breed of fully-pinned-yet-fully-controlled snowboarding. True to form, Austen commands the lofty and at times dreamlike big mountain terrain that he drops into and his prowess is highlighted by Lucey’s surfy slomo’s, juxtaposed with real time poppers. Sweetin’s slashes and butters are things of beauty, though it’s his explosive riding down XL pillow lines that further steals the show. The middle of the movie—Austen’s POV via GoPro as he careens down a very long pillow line sans any musical soundtrack—blows away any mindboarding most of us have ever dreamed up, providing a small glimpse into what it’s like to drop into such technical terrain for the accomplished PNW’er. It’s the kind of clip worth replaying. Many of the Rider of the Year voters felt the same.

There’s something about the way that Vans team filmer, Tanner Pendleton stitches together a video that makes a feeling seep into you as soon as you hit play. Through the lenses of Tanner, Harry Hagan, and Jake Price, Together Forever follows the Vans team as they traverse the streets and the steeps of Japan, Russia, France, and Finland, edited together in memory of a dear friend, Dillon Ojo. The riding is top notch—to no one’s surprise—as the crew is comprised of individuals who excel at their craft. But more than the specific clips and particular spots, the collective riding of Dillon, Jake Kuyzk, Pat Moore, Sam Taxwood, Danimals, Parker Szumowski, Cole Navin, Arthur Longo, and Blake Paul connotes that rare feeling of snowboarding with your friends, wherever in the world you may be. For many of the Rider of the Year panel, the emotive purview coupled with the impressive riding placed Together Forever in their favorites of 2019.

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