Scheduling Your Film | How Much To Film Per Day

Scheduling Your Film | How Much To Film Per Day

How much of your script should you be aiming to film per day?

When I started making short films, I had no idea what a good working day for a film was, I didn’t realise that 8-10 hour days are acceptable and often expected and I had no idea how much of the script I should be getting through per day. I was quite good at judging how long a scene would take to film but by my own standards not by industry standards and not with a crew.

When you start having a budget and money to spend on your films, shoot times become very important and can save your budget.

Knowing how to make the most of your day is key to being efficient and careful with the money on a film shoot. It also means you don’t waste time and have a measurement to go by and refer to when crew, cast or you seem to be slowing you down.


My name is Jay and I am a freelance filmmaker living in the North East of England. I worked producing TV programmes for a satellite channel for 7 years, I’ve made several of my own short films and I graduated from Teesside University in 2014 with a BA in Film and TV Production.

I started this channel to encourage beginner filmmakers, to share some of my own work and keep my skills sharp between projects.





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