Sauces | Basics with Babish

Sauces | Basics with Babish

Sauces form the base of many wonderful dishes and thus, are a great place to start in the kitchen. Featuring a salsa, a red sauce, a béchamel, and a red wine sauce, this Basics with Babish episode will get you chopping, mincing, deglazing, and more in no time.

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Shopping Lists + Equipment for live cook-a-long

Salsa (Pico de Gallo)

Shopping List

-2-3 large, ripe tomatoes – firm, fragrant, preferably on the vine
-1 medium red onion
-Cilantro (very optional, substitute with parsley if you’re like me)
-1 Jalapeño
-Fresh garlic (1 clove)
-Kosher salt
-Freshly ground pepper
-1 red bell pepper (optional)
-1 mango (optional) – soft but not mushy to the touch
-Scallions, aka green onions (one)

Equipment List

-Chef knife
-Cutting board
-Mixing bowl
-Serving bowl
-Garlic press (optional)
-Nitrile gloves (optional, but you’ll want em in the future)
-Pepper mill

Red Sauce

Shopping list

-Fresh garlic (3 cloves)
-1 medium yellow onion
-Olive oil (extra virgin and non)
-Crushed red pepper flakes (optional)
-Tomato paste (1 small can or squeeze tube)
-2 x 28 ounce cans San Marzano tomatoes (look for D.O.P. certified – otherwise, try Muir Glen Organic)
-Fresh basil (1-2 sprigs)
-Unsalted butter
-Kosher salt
-Freshly ground pepper

Equipment List

-Chef’s knife
-Cutting board
-Pepper mill
-Enameled Dutch oven (or other large, non-reactive/non-aluminum/non-cast iron pot)
-Wooden spoon

Bechamel Macaroni & Cheese

Shopping list

-Butter (2-4 tablespoons)
-All-purpose flour (2-4 tablespoons)
-Whole milk (1 cup)
-Cheddar cheese (4 ounces, not pre-shredded)
-Monterey jack cheese (4 ounces, not pre-shredded)
-Parmesan cheese (6 ounces, can be pre-grated)
-1 pound dried macaroni
-Panko bread crumbs (unseasoned, 3/4 cup)
-Kosher salt
-Freshly ground pepper
-Fresh thyme (optional, 2 sprigs, picked)

Equipment List

-Measuring cups/spoons (optional)
-Nonstick sauté pan
-Aluminum foil (if the casserole doesn’t have a lid)
-Pepper mill


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