Post Dramatic Stress – Episode 9 – The art of cinematography

Post Dramatic Stress – Episode 9 – The art of cinematography


Today Charlotte Dee is joined by co host Isabella Jacqueline and Ross Metcalf, a Director of Photography in Perth. They chat about the ability to evoke emotion and tell story through creative art, creative instinct versus skill and creative limits when it comes to cinematography.
For a long time I’ve been thinking about how great it would be to have a live forum to connect with other like minded creative people. I have been searching for somewhere that would enable me to feel a sense of connection, belonging and space to chat about the highs, lows and laughs of being in a creative industry and in particular, an actor. So, I thought, why not create one? A few months later, Post Dramatic Stress was born.
Being a creative person can make you predisposed to all sorts of good and bad stress. (I firmly believe stress can be both great and not so great). The film and theatre industry can invoke amazing, thrilling, terrifying, exciting, depressing, stressful, fulfilling and inspiring experiences worth sharing.
The goal of Post Dramatic Stress is to connect as a community of people, share new work, support each other’s endeavours and to discover other perspectives and experiences we may not have necessarily have considered before. 
So let’s chat.
Get in touch, listen or come on as a guest by emailing or via a cheeky dm on Facebook or Instagram – can’t wait to meet you!


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