Pixel Film Studios – Award Season – Professional Production Package – Final Cut Pro X

Pixel Film Studios – Award Season – Professional Production Package – Final Cut Pro X

Award Season is a stunning 3D photo/video production package for Final Cut Pro X. Utilize Award Season’s 3D environment scenes to display any personal media on top of a beautiful pedestal. Award Season features elegant animation, a beautiful environment with over twenty camera presets, stunning title tools, a marvelous framing transition and glamorous overlays to top off any video production. Create a prestigious video with ease using Award Season from Pixel Film Studios.
Winning 3D Environments
Award Season gives users over 20 camera presets including dolly, sweep, and pan shots using a single drop zone, two drop zones or text. Advanced manipulation tools can be found in the inspector window for changing the camera settings. Users can edit the amount of dolly, the angles of the environment and even the initial burst movement of the camera.
Ultimate Stylization Control
Change the colors of the environment using simple color pickers for the pedestal and drop zone frames. To change the color of the environment users can move the Hue dial to the desired color and then adjust the saturation and value to edit how bright and/or colorful the background is. Users can also change the rotation of the light hitting the pedestal and the reflectivity of the floor and drop zone.
Elegant Titles for Displaying Text
Award Season provides users with a title opener to start off any video with elegant grace. The title opener can be placed in front of footage in the timeline or on top of it and blended over using controls found in the Background Controls section. These controls allow users to adjust the visibility of the layer below as well as check boxes to turn on fading in and fading out. Award Season also gives users two lower thirds that can be placed anywhere in a video to display information.
Variety of Content
Award Season’s transition can be manipulated endlessly in Final Cut Pro X. This framing transition goes from one scene into a 3D environment and flies into the next scene seamlessly. Users can control the orientation of the ending scene within the environment and create beautiful camera paths with unlimited variety. Award Season also gives users a flare overlay and a shimmering particle overlay to fully enhance scenes with extra elements, contrast and light.


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