Picking The Perfect Microphone | The Best Indoor Microphone for Filmmaking

Picking The Perfect Microphone | The Best Indoor Microphone for Filmmaking

Often filmmakers are told that if you are doing video production or YouTube videos, you need to use a shotgun microphone for filmmaking, YouTube video, or corporate video. But what if that is actually bad advice and will cause reverb and phasing. What if you as a filmmaker/videographer could pick a better microphone for your next video shoot and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting rid of reverb in post. In this video Andrew breaks down picking the perfect microphone based on the size of the room you are recording your film in. Watch the full video for tips to improve your video’s audio.

We examine hypercardioid microphones, cardioids, omni directional microphones and shotgun microphones with both a long and short interference tube. We show you how each one of these microphones sound in a bathroom and fake living room so you as a filmmaker can figure out how how picking the perfection microphone is critical to getting perfect audio on your next film project. So often filmmakers, videographers, and sound mixers complain about bad audio on their short films but it is often because of the lack of education about the different types of microphones that they can use on their film shoot and how picking the perfect microphone can make all the difference.

But this is not limited to just filmmakers. This kind of education about microphones also applies to how to choose the best mic for YouTube. YouTubers can also suffer from bad audio due to untreated soundproof rooms. By using these YouTube audio tips for selecting the perfect indoor microphone, you can improve the audio on your YouTube channel too.

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