Nikon Z6 review: ALMOST the perfect video camera for filmmakers…

Nikon Z6 review: ALMOST the perfect video camera for filmmakers…

I’ve had the Nikon Z6 for a little over 3 months and have used it extensively in my video production work on YouTube as an “online content filmmaker.” I’ve also already reviewed the Z 14-30 f4 s, the Z 24-70 f2.8 s, and the z 35mm f1.8s. I’ve got some good things to say about it, and some things that aren’t so good. Something I left out of the video: For vlogging or otherwise creating video of yourself, you’re going to want the 14-30 f4 – that combo will could make it the best mirrorless camera in 2019 (in my opinion) and probably through 2020.. F4 might seem a little slow, but considering the incredible ISO performance of the Z6, it won’t be a problem.. also regarding the lack of a flip-out screen, at 14mm you basically have 170 degrees of visibility, and with face tracking you will be in focus as long as it’s pointed in your general direction, so the flip out screen missing only impacts your ability to handle framing unless you get a monitor, but monitors are impractical for vlogging. The z 28-70 f2.8 S is also a beautiful lens and if you own it, will likely be glued to your camera for the majority of its life. If you enjoyed my Nikon z6 review… My other reviews to the lenses are here:

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