NFT Hydroponic System Homemade (Nutrient Film Technique) #1

NFT Hydroponic System Homemade (Nutrient Film Technique) #1

NFT Hydroponic system homemade

This project attempts to grow using an NFT hydroponics System and I’m already seeing great results. I built this NFT hydroponic system for just £30 and it took about 4 hours to create its Cheap and homemade.

NFT hydroponics is the process of passing nutrients and water through a hydroponic system, the roots of the plants are constantly replenished with nutrients, water and oxygen.

I have decided to start this NFT hydroponics system in my greenhouse to further understand hydroponic gardening. So far the results seen in this cheap NFT system are far better the the DWC (Deep water Culture) system. The roots seem to love flowing water.

I will admit, I cheated slightly with the plants for this but it saves waiting for seeds to germinate. I took some plants from soil, cleaned all the soil from the roots and put them into the hydroponic system. I used clay balls (Hydroton) to keep the plants stable in the net pots.

So, I’ve had just one major issue with this hydroponic garden. I have noticed that algae has begun to appear in the reservoir and on some of the roots of the plants. Algae is really difficult to avoid, but I don’t want it to be the cause of the plants deaths. I think this problem has occurred because the reservoir is white and has relatively thin walls, meaning that the sun has some way of penetrating the reservoir and causing issues.

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To view my DWC hydroponics system just click the link below.