Morzine Film Awards 2019 – Dragons of Les Dents du Midi

Morzine Film Awards 2019 – Dragons of Les Dents du Midi

Our entry to the Morzine Film Awards – what an amazing event celebrating this awesome area and the people who live here – all whilst raising stacks of cash for local charities.

We hiked and skiid the iconic Couloir de la Dent Jaune in les Dents du Midi for this story.

Dedicated to the sorely missed Aaron McLean who we skiid this couloir with 4 years ago.

Featuring Mark Mckellar George Treble Danny Millar thanks to Avoriaz Alpine Ski School and DAKINE for support


“A grave danger posed a terminal threat to the paradise lands of Les Portes du Soleil.

After lying dormant for hundreds of billions of years, the Dragon Sharktopus Magladon’s young had hatched somewhere in the high reaches of the Chablais Massif.

Within days the ancient monsters would reach full strength and breath fire on the valleys of Morzine, giving rise to thousands of gruesome zombies from the ashes of what once was.

The only hope for morzine-kind rested on the shoulders of a few local randonnee hobbits. Faced with a treacherous quest , they must seek out and destroy its nest in order to save the population of Morzine and cast the beasts into fiery oblivion

At 3am one cold and windy winters morning, they set out on their gruelling endeavour.

At the top of the Couloir de la Dent Jaune in the Dents du Midi, they found the home of the Dragon Sharktopus Megladon. They snuck up from behind the beasts and laced their nest with thousands of kilograms of dynamite.

The explosions could be seen from space – the randonee hobbits had destroyed the heinous dinosaur dragons and reclaimed the mountain from the jaws of death.


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