Making Videos is PRACTICE! (feat. DRUNK GUY ADVICE)

Making Videos is PRACTICE! (feat. DRUNK GUY ADVICE)

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JUST A FRIENDLY REMINDER – take the time to shoot, edit, and post videos, no matter WHAT they are or how they turn out, as that’s HOW YOU GET BETTER. TON of info and stuff in the description below! And don’t forget to

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I ended up in Florida for a trip that was supposed to last 3 days and is going to be 3 WEEKS!

I was not prepared AT ALL to do any shooting or YouTube episodes as I only brought my little action camera with me. THAT’S NO EXCUSE! You will ALWAYS learn something (or at least experience the joy of shooting and finding neat things) by just going out for a walkabout and capturing what you see.

I did, and found all sorts of neat little things in this town where my daughter lives, AND, I what I practiced was shooting something and NOT editing it to death to make it PERFECT! Just make it GOOD ENOUGH, post the darn thing, and GO DO MORE!

Stay tuned as I figure out how to shoot in my hotel room and the surrounding area in my next YouTube episodes – still working that out. 🙂

OH! Don’t forget to watch to the end – you’ll get to meet my beautiful daughter and see a drunk guy give me some solid advice about life! 🙂


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