MAGNUS VT 6000 Tripod with Fluid Head / EVERYTHING You Want To Know in ONE VIDEO!

MAGNUS VT 6000 Tripod with Fluid Head / EVERYTHING You Want To Know in ONE VIDEO!

When shopping for gear, especially expensive things, I personally watch a tone of videos on YouTube and I do a LOT of research.
I’d guess you do the same…

I love what I do, and I do it all for you, the viewer. My reviews are in depth, high quality and takes sometimes several days to complete, not a lazy 6 minute review with just a few basics that would still leave you thirsty for more info to search elsewhere.

“30 minute video”… If you were either at the BH store, or here with me checking out this tripod, camera, light etc, you would spend at least 30 minutes checking it out yourself.

This video is a review, plus precautions, tips, the owners manual itself, and also a tripod video head workshop for ANY tripod…
And what else is good for YouTube algorithms? The “watch time“.

Please don’t skip anything and you will satisfy all your questions as this video covers absolutely everything you want to know about this tripod or any tripod for that matter as it is a little bit of a tutorial as well.

Link to buy this tripod:

Magnus REX VT-6000

all other things / accessories that appear in this video:

Magnus REX VT-5000

Magnus REX VT-4000

Vanguard SB-100 Stone Bag

Oben Tripod Hammock

[I have received this product in exchange for my honest review.
I have not been paid to say anything or to make this review].

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