Maester Monthly E6.4 Game of Thrones – Cinematography

Maester Monthly E6.4 Game of Thrones – Cinematography

(Spoilers Extended) All ASOIAF Books, S1-S6 of GoT, and TWOW Sample Chapters

The Moderators of r/ASOIAF – BryndenBFish, Fat_Walda, MightyIsobel, Bookshelfstud, Glass_Table_Girl, JoeMagician, -Sam-R-, and AdmiralKird discuss the hottest topics of July 2017, and everything Game of Thrones, including Music, Costumes, and Cinematography!

Part 1 – July ’17 Highlights:
Part 2 – GoT Music:
Part 3 – GoT Costumes:
Part 4 – GoT Cinematography:

EPISODE 6 Part IV: Cinematography


00:00 Introductions & Color Palettes

5:36 The Cold Open, GOT 1.01

8:45 Adversaries Framed, GOT 1.10, 6.10

10:51 Theon makes a Choice, GOT 2.03

14:05 Ned sees the Light of the Spider, GOT 1.09

19:40 The Lion and the Cub, GOT 3.07

23:29 Hugged by Fire, GOT 4.09

29:01 Olly and the Curse of Reaction Shots, GOT 5.XX

31:30 Ants on the Wall, GOT3.06

38:30 BloodSoRaven, edited by Aaron, GOT 4.10

38:50 Jorah’s Distracting Shots, GOT 5.03

40:12 Goodbyes


1:30 Sam: Gary Curran interview

16:33 Sam: Alik Sakharov interview, available at

29:17 Aaron: Mike J. Nichols, Editor of The Phantom Edit, Commentary Track available at

14:02 Royalty Free Benny Hill Style Theme, available at

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