Lovley | LA Fantasy Cinematography MEP {Rendering}

Lovley | LA Fantasy Cinematography MEP {Rendering}

Hiiiiii everyone! ♥

This song has always given me such majestical vibes, I thought it would be really cool to see a live action fantasy themed mep with it!

*parts are around 15 seconds so they may be a bit lengthy. It was so hard to cut it because its such a slow song but I figured it would give you guys a chance to truly bring out all the beautiful scenes in the movies you chose. ♥

♦ R u l e s

– Live Action fantasy films only
-Render in HD please!
-Try to pick parts that capture the art of cinematography like cinematic scenes, scenery, camera angles and beautiful visual moments
-Voice overs allowed (send separate link for them)
-no movie repeats please!
-leave a few extra seconds at the end for a smooth transition
– no Colorings or watermarks (I’ll add those for the whole thing)
-Text and overlays allowed (try to keep it minimal and nothing too harsh please keep in mind the softness of the song)
– have fun and ask questions if you have any! ♥

♦ A u d i o L i n k

♦ P a r t s

1 || Brieternal [Ever After] DONE
2 || Kitti H [fantastic beasts] DONE
3 || Therosuchus [The Golden Compass] DONE
4 || RaimbowEyes [The Chronicles of Narnia] DONE
5 || Ashery15 [Harry Potter] DONE
6 || Princess Hawkins [Maleficent] DONE
7 || DracoBrooklyn [The Hobbit] DONE
8 || xBurningBrightly [Peter Pan 2003] DONE
9 || Midnight Mist [snow white & the huntsmen] DONE
10 ||Dreamcatcher 2 [The Shape Of Water] DONE
11 || xcervidae [Eragon] DONE