Lighting Technique – Distance of KeyLight for Cinematic Results

Lighting Technique – Distance of KeyLight for Cinematic Results

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Lighting with control

I think its safe to say that we all would love to be able to master lighting and in particular, we would love to master dramatic and cinematic lighting. I would characterize lighting in such a way as the ability to play with light and shadow and having complete control over what areas of your image receive light and what areas of your image purposefully fall into black.

The more a scene has lots of play with areas of the frame that are in light and in shadow the more you appreciate the areas that are visibility lit and the more your eyes are drawn to specific parts of the frame. This style of lighting creates depth — a three dimensionality — to your work and draws a person into a scene; unlike a flatly lit scene where everything is evenly exposed.

Distance of Light

Watch a small highlight of August Bradley’s CineSummit presentation where he discusses how varying the distance of a light in relation to your subject can create depth and drama due to varying degrees of “falloff” the light will have.


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