International Students: 🎥 FILM SCHOOL in the USA 🇺🇸

International Students: 🎥 FILM SCHOOL in the USA 🇺🇸

International students at Digital Film Academy in NYC discuss their experiences at the film school. Our New York based school is the second home of many international students. DFA is a film school located at Times Square. We offer programs in film making, including courses in Cinematography, Directing, Screenwriting, Web TV Production, Video Editing, Sound Recording, After Effects etc. Students and graduates can access film equipment and use facilities even after graduation. International students can receive the I-20 document from Digital Film Academy, in order to apply for the F-1 student visa. After graduation, international students can stay on in the USA by doing OPT (Optional Practical Training).

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My name is Mari Kawabe. I’m from Japan. Instructors here are from industry. They have a lot of experience from real world.

My name is Richard Wyndham and I’m from London. Thing that’s been most helpfulfor me during DFA is probably the teachers and the close contact you have with teachers. I’ve been to multiple other schools in New York briefly, and you didn’t have close contact you couldn’t rely on anyone else around you. I often will come to Patrick and ask him completely out of school time what he thinks in my script how it can improve. And he’ll sit down me and chat me for half an hour and I’ve had that with other teachers you can’t get that anywhere else.

My crew the laziest in the world. They don’t work they just want to eat I’m gonna psyche everybody. I’m gonna fire them like two minutes. sir Ok. They offer me food now I’m not gonna fight anybody anymore. Oh see that nice my crew will be hard work hard work.

Hi my name is Wilson Via Venga and I’m from Angola. It’s amazing about New York and particularly about DFA that you quickly create a network around your connection with amazing people amazing students. And just that something that I actually I never thought I would do a year well just after graduating DFA. I open my production company along with some friends through the former student from the DFA and since that it’s been great.


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