Inception Hallway Dream Fight – Art of the Scene

Inception Hallway Dream Fight – Art of the Scene

It was one of the most memorable scenes in an entirely mind-blowing movie. A scene that played with gravity, without the use of digital effects. Today, we’re looking at the hallway showdown from Christopher Nolan’s “Inception.” Subscribe:

The hallway fight was unique as a setpiece: It didn’t involve the film’s major star, Leonardo DiCaprio, instead focusing on the then-less-famous Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The entire film is remarkable for its time, boasting a sci-fi tentpole budget WITHOUT the backing of being based on a known franchise. Rather, Inception, and the hallway fight, are entirely born from Christopher Nolan’s mind.

We can thank the success of The Dark Knight for the fact that this screen was green lit. We can thank the hard work of a lot of people (and tons of steel) that the screen made it to screen.

What did you think? Did you learn something new about the hallway fight in inception? What do you think is the most mind-blowing scene in movie history? What other scenes would you like us to explore in future episodes?

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