How to write a script for a short movie – low budget filmmaking Ep 2

How to write a script for a short movie – low budget filmmaking Ep 2

#Howtowrite a #script for a #shortmovie – low budget filmmaking Ep 2
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In this second episode you can Learn the basics of screenplay writing for beginner filmmakers, in the 1st episode I talked about how to come up with a good idea for your movie, and today I’m following up with how to write a script for your film.

This video is devided in 2 parts, in the first part I talked about the key elements that your script must have and in the second part I talked about the proper way to write a professional script if you’re planning to become a professional script writer.

The story is simply what happens to who
generally your story will have 3 stages:
Beginning, middle, and ending
The beginning is when you introduce the characters and places and you give us general informations
Then in the middle you will tell us what the problem is, and
you continue revealing more informations about the problem and how complicated it is or it gets, and what the character or characters are doing about it
at the end of course you’ll tell us what the character did to solve the problem, and how everything ends

Of course this is the general structure of the story, it doesn’t mean that it will go in that exact order or in a linear timeline or that the problem will be solved and everyone lives happily ever after.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that your character must go through a major change during the story, the events that happen to them changed something about them at the end, or helped them grow.

now that your story is ready, you should break it down into scenes, take all your time thinking about it, use drafts, it might be frustrating sometimes to get what’s on your mind into words on paper.

The first movie script I wrote was very unprofessional but it doesn’t matter since it was just for me and a friend, we could sit and talk about how things should be done, and you could do the same too, write your script in a way that would be understandable to your small crew.. it’s alright as long as It has some important elements like:
*Location: where is this scene happening? livingroom, kitchen, parc, street…
*Time: when is the scene happening? day or night
*characters names
*dialogue (everyones lines and actions)

Now let’s talk about how to format a movie script properly.

every properly formatted script must have 5 key elements

1- The slug line: aka scene heading
That’s kind of an introduction of the scene, it starts by where is it happening INT (interior) or EXT (exterior) followed by the the location, finally when is it happening mostly it’s either Day or Night, notice that it’s always wrriten in caps.

2- Action: it is usually a brief description of the scene and introduction of characters you don’t have to go into details, be as brief as possible, you are just giving a general vibe of the scene, it is always in the present tense; and if you are introducing a new person who has not been in the previous scenes you write their name in caps, same things for special things you want to bring attention to or certain sound effects.

3- Character name: always in the center, capitalized, add (O.S) which stands for off screen or (O.C) off camera if the character if off screen while speaking but still present in the scene, or (V.O) stands for Voice Over if they are not in the scene and doing a voice over.

4- The dialogue:
simply the line that the character will say, it is usually centered, if the character is doing something while speaking you may add it in parentheticals before their lines

For the margins, you don’t have to worry too much, there are softwares that can help you in that matter,

That’s it, if Thank you for watching, if you didn’t watch the first episode about how to find an idea for your movie, you can watch it here:

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