How to use a GREEN SCREEN in your video production tutorial

How to use a GREEN SCREEN in your video production tutorial

Learn how to setup and use a green screen to greatly enhance your videos. I was shooting some funny Green Screen footage at Epic Exposure photography studio and it turns out being much harder then I thought so I decided to make quick video to help others achieve this awesome effect when making YouTube videos or live streaming on Twitch.

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Questions & Answers
Q) There are some glitches where green shows though.
A) I’m aware of this, my lighting was perfect and needed a bit more work. This was a learning experience for me as I said in the video.

Q) I noticed there are some places where I can see green on your clothing and in your hair.
A) This had to do with me moving in and out of focus in some areas slightly. The sharper the focus and higher the shutter speed the less change there is of seeing green. But I think it still turned out great overall.

Q) Why do most people use green screens instead of blue, etc.
A) Green is the most common due to it’s high luminance however it can become a problem in many situations for that reason so blue is used instead. To be honest it’s more about the shot you’re doing and how the colors mesh than anything else.

Q) Now matter what I do I still get some green no matter what I do.
A) Check for tutorials on correcting ‘Green Screen Spill’, even the most perfect green screen setup and lighting can still show some green in post and there are several ways to deal with it. But the better you’re lighting and screen the less work you have to do in post, this video had nothing done in post accept a little cropping and a color key filter applied, I could have made it look much better with more time.

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