How to synchronize a slow motion music video |

How to synchronize a slow motion music video |

Learn how to synchronize the vocals and instruments to create a slow motion music video in this quick tips and tricks tutorial video.

Slow motion video on a real time music video. How do they do it? Well, it’s actually not that hard. The biggest challenge is to synchronize the vocals, but we have a neat trick for that.

When you slow down a recorded video in editing, the sound or vocals will also go slower. This makes them go out of sync. So we need to record our video faster so when we slow it down, it matches the real time song again.

The first thing we need to do is speed up the original song. You can do this in an audio or video editing like Adobe Premiere Pro. Then export the modified song, we’ll use this as a reference. Playback the song while recording and now your singer must try to lip sync while you record the video.

Her acting is real time, but the lips of the singer are at a faster speed. Now bring everything back in Premiere Pro and slow down the clip so that her singing matches the real time speed again. This last part isn’t always so easy. You can create two beeps in the beginning and ending of the song as a marker. In the tutorial video it is shown how to do this. And now you have yourself a slow motion music video.

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