How To Record Audio For YouTube Videos | TECH TALK

How To Record Audio For YouTube Videos | TECH TALK

Find out how to record audio, remove echo and soundproof your room for YouTube Videos in my latest Tech Talk. I’m back at it again and this time I have a video for all my boos on how to soundproof your room. This video will take your YouTube audio from amateur to pro in minutes! I’m sharing how to remove echo and make your set sound-proof, which microphones I use, as well as alternatives for any budget. Learn my tips and tricks on different ways to make your videos sound as great as they look on a budget. YAS! Do you have any new tips on how to achieve flawless sound? Comment below!

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How to Build Your Own Home Studio:

How To Achieve Blurry Backgrounds In Photos/Videos:

Tech Haul! What I Use To Record Audio and New Gadgets:

What Cameras I Use + Why:

How to Edit Sound:

How I Edit Videos for YouTube:



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