How to Put a Lavalier Microphone on a T-Shirt

How to Put a Lavalier Microphone on a T-Shirt Last week after posting a video about how to properly put on a lavalier microphone, I was asked why I didn’t show putting the microphone on a t-shirt when I had mentioned it in the video. This is a great example of why I love video marketing, or social media in general, because you get to connect directly with your target audience and interact with them immediately.

So after reading that particular comment about the t-shirt thing, I told the person that I would make a follow up video to answer their question. And so I did, of course.

The main takeaway is not being afraid to engage with your audience and to use video as a tool to form deeper connections with people.

Even if the person doesn’t buy from us, it’s fine. I’m happy to know we’ve planted a seed of good experience is their mind, which all too often doesn’t happen when consumers engage with brands.

Here’s the post I wrote, which can be found at:

How to Put a Lavalier Microphone on a T-Shirt

Last week I taught you how to properly put on a lavalier microphone and this week you’ll learn how to put a lavalier mic on a t-shirt. Thanks to Nyx Goldstone for the suggestion!

I also got rid of the opening introduction where my kid is swinging around just to get to the video a little quicker. I’m guessing most people tried to fast forward past that part, anyway 🙂

So in addition to learning how to put a lavalier microphone on a t-shirt, I’ve also included how to hide a lavalier microphone under your clothing.

This little trick is fairly well-known but in case you haven’t seen it, this is for you.

Sometimes we don’t want the lav mic to be seen so this is pretty useful to know how to hide the microphone.

If there is anything else you’d like to learn, let me know and I’ll do my best to help you out.



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