How to Motivate Camera Movement like Alfonso Cuaron — The “Car Chase” Long Take in Children of Men

How to Motivate Camera Movement like Alfonso Cuaron — The “Car Chase” Long Take in Children of Men

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When directing a film you have a lot of choices to make, and that includes your scene length and tone created by camera movement and placement.

Our video essay will discuss how Alfonso Cuarón motivates his camera movement during the car chase long take in Children of Men. A long take is a continuous camera shot, also known as a ‘oner’. While they’re continuous, it doesn’t mean you won’t still have some editing to do in the final cut of your film. A “motivated camera movement” is when there is a narrative reasoning for why a camera moves so “hide” the movement and not break the fourth wall. This is often achieved by having a subject or object in the frame as a motivator for the camera to follow.

Cuaron does an excellent job mashing up long takes and motivated camera movement to create a seamless viewing experience in Children of Men.

They also happen to be one of the most discussed shot types in film that you and your peers will discuss in film school, and they’re a great topic for discussing filmmaking theory. Long takes also happen to be a trademark of Alfonso Cuarón films.

It’s a mixture of Alfonso Cuarón’s filmmaking process and Emmanuel Lubeski cinematography that forced the team to put the camera in the car and create filmmaking tools and a camera rig that gave the 360 movements that made the whole scene work.

Filmmaking choices like this can make or break your directing career. Watch as our team breaks down the long takes from Children of Men so that you can see how motivated camera work can help you build an unforgettable one in your next project.

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