How to make a silent film. Charlie Chaplin’s comedy secrets

How to make a silent film. Charlie Chaplin’s comedy secrets

Everyone knows the name of Charlie Chaplin but not so many know why he is considered the greatest figure of the silent movie era. Let’s take a look together as we try to create our own silent movie in the Chaplin style. Enjoy!

The video editing software that helped us create our little sketch at the beginning – Movavi Video Editor 14:

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Charlie Chaplin was a great English comedian, the greatest exponent of the silent film.The characters he created for his comedies are still popular – o much so that many people don’t separate Chaplin from his Tramp character. In today’s episode, we’ve tried to answer the question of what made Chaplin outshine other directors of the early twentieth century and why his films are considered classics of the comedy genre.

We also tried to create our own black and white film, noted some distinctive features of Chaplin’s style and voila. Wanna do it yourself? Then keep these things in mind:

1. Make your movie black and white.

2. Add titles. Silent films had no dialogue, so people used titles to convey characters’ speech and thoughts.

3. Change the aspect ratio in your video to 4:3.

4. Speed your video up a little bit.

5. Add background music to create a unique atmosphere in your movie.

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