How To Make a Short Film – Shooting & Editing Tutorial 2019

How To Make a Short Film – Shooting & Editing Tutorial 2019

In this video, I dissect my recent short film “Stay Present – Don’t Text and Drive,” and explain ten in-depth tips and tricks for crafting amazing short films. I also share beind-the-scenes footage and insights into the shooting of the short film.

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For anyone interested in filmmaking, this is my comprehensive guide on how to make a short film from filming to editing to publishing. Similar to a Simon Cade DSLRguide video on cinematography techniques and tips for low budget or no budget filmmaker, this how to faze horror movie tutorial will explain everything you need to know. While it might not cover everything from what mask to use or how to craft a scary monster jump scare for Halloween or how to start a riot by making short films, it will cover short film beginners using a cinematic DSLR. Even if you’re using an iPhone 9, these tips on how to make a short film will help you with how to start shooting a short film with way more than 5 tips on how to edit videos. It you’ve been looking for tutorials on how to edit YouTube videos or how to edit videos for YouTube, this video will also be a good look for you.