How to light a film (the "Waffle System")

How to light a film (the "Waffle System")

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Lighting Gear that Actually Deliver Cinematic Results:

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Lighting a short film or feature film or web-series is hard when you’re a beginner. There are so many kinds of lights, and so many options. Where do you start? How do you become confident?

In this video I share with you my system – this is what worked for me, and it’s what I use. I call it the “Waffle System”, because it is designed to help you navigate any lighting situation. Once you learn how to approach it systematically, you will be confident enough to start lighting scenes from screenplays.

If you’re interested in going into details and learning how to use the waffle system to light your own projects, then click this link to learn more: The Beginner’s Guide to Lighting for Film:

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Footage is taken from Youtube, so is of poor quality. It’s impossible for me to rip high quality content (it’s illegal) of every movie for this. This video uses low resolution clips from movies only for informational and educational purposes under fair-use.

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