How to film a scene with one camera |

How to film a scene with one camera |

Films are usually shot on one camera, but how do they do it? Learn how to keep your shots in continuity with the triple take or master scene technique.

A fictional scene usually consists out of multiple shots. Like a long shot, medium shot, close up,… These different camera angles gives us the impression that the filmmaker used multiple cameras. But in fact, most of the time only one camera was used.

There’re two techniques to film an entire scene with one camera. The first one is called the “triple take”. Here’s where each shot is taken separate. That means the actor has to do one action, then the camera stops recording. A new camera angle is being prepared and then the actor performs its second action. And so on.

But then there’s the master scene technique. Now we let the actor play the entire scene, which is shot from one camera angle. Then we ask the actor to play the entire scene again, but now we film from a new camera angle.

Both techniques have their advantages in flexibility and time consumption.

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