How to compete during awards season

How to compete during awards season

(10 Jan 2017) London, 5 January 2017
1. Close-up BAFTA mask, with tilt up
2. Medium shot BAFTA mask
3. Medium shot James King posing for photographs
4. SOUNDBITE (English) James King, film critic;
“The campaigning is slightly unofficial. It’s not always a proper thing but it happens. It happens now, certainly via social media it can happen very easily because it just takes a person to tweet or put something on Instagram and you’re pushing. But there is a lot of hard work and certainly publicists who work with their actors and their directors, when they get a nomination they are going to go in to overdrive to get them out to screenings, to get them out to the voters, like a political campaign really. And some people do it more then others, some people are bit more forgiving about it, other people look down on it a little bit and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. You know, there are actors out there who are famously publicity shy but who still win the big awards. So it doesn’t always equate to success. But the nomination, or even before the nomination actually, is when it all begins. You know people are campaigning for a nomination. They get that nomination, there’s then the campaigning for the win. It’s a really long process.”
Beverly Hills, California, 8 January 2017
5. Zoom in Naomie Harris
6. Medium shot Pablo Larrain and Barry Jenkins
7. Medium of Tom Ford

London, 5 January 2017
8. SOUNDBITE (English) James King, film critic:
“There’s an element that when you see an actor or actress do a question and answer session for a panel, you see the real person, if you like. You’re not seeing the person they played on screen. Maybe you’re just seeing someone who is a bit warmer and more laid back and more human. They’re not a movie star anymore, they are just a regular person who is sat a few feet away from you. That really helps for voters to, to appeal to voters.”

Beverly Hills, Calif., 8 January 2017
9. UPSOUND (English) John Travolta, actor:
“We’ve been very lucky but you made the year.”
10. Medium shot Aaron Taylor-Johnson
11. Medium shot Aaron Hugh Laurie
12. Medium shot Billy Bob Thornton

London, 5 January 2017
13. SOUNDBITE (English) James King, film critic:
” You know, I don’t want to place too much emphasis on it because I’ve been to a lot of those Q and As and seen a lot of people and it doesn’t necessarily mean I will vote for them. It’s interesting, it’s eye-opening, you get to see a great movie, you get to hear some interesting discussions but it’s not always that simple. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to put a tick by their name when it comes to actually voting for them.”

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