Great Smartphone Video Gear for Filmmaking 📹Tarion Slider & Tripod

Great Smartphone Video Gear for Filmmaking 📹Tarion Slider & Tripod

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TARION Camera Slider 12″ 35° Rotation Track Slider:

TARION Flip Pod Smartphone Tripod with 1/4” Thread Mount and Fluid Ball Head:

The gap between professional camera gear and smartphone cameras is continuously closing and mobile photography and videography are becoming so popular, that people all around the world realize that they have the power to influence others and create brands and business using only their phone. Even though smartphones are competent devices, it is always good to have the right accessories and smartphone gear at your disposal to get the best out of them.

The company Tarion reached out to me and were kind enough to send me their new smartphone tripod and rig as well as their 12″ video slider. If you are getting into smartphone videography, then you might find those two products to be an essential part of your kit.

The Flip Pod tripod is a smartphone only tripod and rig bundle, while the slider works both with Tarion’s standard smartphone rig head as well as with any other conventional camera up to 4kg (or 8.8lbs) in weight.

The Flip Pod comes packed in a high-quality cloth carrying pouch, and the entire tripod is tiny when folded. The idea behind it is to take little to no space, be very lightweight and easy to put together. The whole construction of the tripod is based on an elastic band and broken into five thin tube segments that stack up and stay together to create the tripod. As I said, the construction is so light, that you can grab all three legs of the tripod and use them as a selfie stick when necessary. Assembly takes less than 30 seconds and folding it back is just as easy.

The rig that screws on top of it comes with an adjustable head and can swivel at 180 degrees for both horizontal and vertical orientation.

The clamp of the rig can hold smartphones (like an iPhone) as wide as 3.5,” and the coolest part of this rig is that on top of it, there is a cold shoe mount which is perfect for the on the go mics. The load capacity of the rig is 2 pounds.

Tarion’s slider is called VOLADOR and it is a 12″ slider that can be used as a standalone unit thanks to its retractable legs or be mounted on a tripod to work as an extension of your camera setup for when you need some quick slides.

The slider can carry up to 4kg of weight, and its neatest part is the 35 degrees rotation platform. Using the little tightening screws on both sides, you can choose which direction your head rotates to when you do a slide. You can be very precise when adjusting the metric rulers on both ends.

Being 10 inches the slider’s actual travel distance is not very big, but its overall footprint is its most substantial part because it can be literary thrown in a backpack and carried around with no hassle.

The built quality of the slider is excellent. It is very well balanced, and the wood trims give it a very nice premium feel.

Enjoy the video.

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