GoPro Hero 8 Cinematography: 5 Tips

GoPro Hero 8 Cinematography: 5 Tips

I show you 5 tips to make more cinematic GoPro (Hero 8) videos.

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In this video I am going to show you 5 tips, how you can make more cinematic GoPro videos with your GoPro Hero 8:

Tip 1:
It is important to have the right settings if you want your GoPro Hero 8 footage to look cinematic. I quickly show you how to set your camera up. If you want to know that more detailed, then watch this video, which is about cinematic settings for the GoPro Hero 8:

2. Camera Moves
Your GoPro Hero 8 videos will look much more cinematic if you have different type of shots in it. Usually I filmed with my GoPro Hero 8 just straight and the shots looked always great. But if you take your GoPro and you add to your shots different camera moves, your final edit of the cinematic GoPro video will look much better. I show you an example in this video.

3. Stop & Go
The GoPro Hero 8 has a new feature called Time Warp 2.0. With this updated Time Warp you can now stop your video to film in normal speed with one click, and then change back again to a Time Warp. If you know how to use this new feature of the GoPro Hero 8 you can make your GoPro videos look more cinematic.

4. Transitions
Transitions are an important thing in cinematic GoPro (Hero 8) videos. I show you one example of a very easy transition you can do with any camera. If you would like to learn more GoPro (Hero 8) transitions you can watch this playlist where I have a lot of new GoPro transitions for you, so you can make more cinematic GoPro videos:

5. Instagram
I have been asked a lot, how I export my GoPro (Hero 8) videos for instagram, because they always look great. That’s why I quickly show you my exact export settings, so you can just copy them to be able to upload as well high quality cinematic GoPro Hero 8 videos on Instagram.

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