Future Film Scholars at NYU Tisch School of the Arts

Future Film Scholars at NYU Tisch School of the Arts

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The Future Film Scholars Workshop is a free program for motivated, articulate and creative high school students who are devoted to seeing, learning and writing about film, television, and moving image cultures.

While some of our FFS students may be interested in making their own films, this program does not include the practice of filmmaking but instead focuses on the history, criticism, theory and cultural significance of moving images. This course is designed to introduce high school students the varieties of film practices (e.g., fiction, documentary, animation, experimental/ avant-garde, video art and new forms of digital media).

The course will provide students with:

• A basic foundation for further study of film and the moving image arts
• An understanding of such concepts as narrative structure, genre, editing, composition within the frame, cinematography, sound and sound image relations.

Students will complete a weekly film journal where they will be asked to write about films and discussions from class as well as assigned films outside of the class period each week. Students are also expected to write two formal film analysis papers, approximately 5 – 7 pages each, on assigned titles, one of which will be included in the class collection of film essays and/or reviews to be printed at the end of the semester.