Free Photography Lighting Tutorial – How to Light Like a Cinematographer

Free Photography Lighting Tutorial – How to Light Like a Cinematographer

Why does studio lighting have to be hard? It does not have to be. In fact, it can be quite simple. Once you know how to light with off-camera flashes and strobes your creative freedom can soar, and you will not be bound by weather conditions or the time of day. You can simply recreate the light you want!

The trick is not to look at studio lighting as anything other than mimicking natural light. But how do you mimic natural light?

The answer lies in breaking down the light into 4 key components, then copying those components using off-camera flashes and strobes. The 4 components of light are:

• The Color of the light
• The Intensity of the light
• The Angle of the light
• The Quality of the light

Our training video How to Light Like a Cinematographer takes these 4 simple principles and expands on them, showing you how to light multiple, beautiful cinematic scenes.

During the course, you will learn how to mimic and recreate light that looks and feels natural, all while taking your skills to heights that you never dreamed possible.

But why would I want to learn to light like a cinematographer?

Why not? Cinematographers are the photographers behind the movies and the best at faking and recreating natural looking light with artificial light sources.

How to Light Like a Cinematographer teaches the techniques used by these director’s of photography and applies them to your still photography in an easy to follow format.

Start creating better photographs, today!


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