Filmmaking Tips: How to Light an Interview for $26 – SMAPP series

Filmmaking Tips: How to Light an Interview for $26 – SMAPP series

How affordably could we light an interview that is good enough to go on primetime? It can be easy to get lost in all of the toys and tools and forget the basics. When you really understand how your choices add to story, you can often do so so much with so little. Here we share how to light an interview on a budget—with just $26— including where to get each item and how we setup the lights.

0:17 “How affordably can we light an interview?”
0:55 “When you understand the basics, when you really put the story first, you can do so much for so little.”
1:24 Entire three point lighting setup
2:00 Frame for the soft box
2:22 Softening the light
2:38 Fill light
2:49 Hair light
3:26 Building the key light soft box

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