Filmmaking 101, Ep 1, 3 Tips to help you get a sponsor for your short film!

Filmmaking 101, Ep 1, 3 Tips to help you get a sponsor for your short film!



1st short film example, Unsocial Media…

2nd short film example, P.O.V (Positively Outrageously Violent)…

Hallo YouTube and welcome to my 1Hour and 25Minute long video that I have put together that is intended to help you approach potential sponsors prepared and with confidence.

I actually wanted to just talk about 3 tips for about 10minutes but it was late and I had not slept in 2 days and one thing just kept leading to another until I ended up sharing every example that I myself experienced.

If you think I missed something then do feel free to share in the comment section, we are all still learning about the filmmaking game so every little experience that you can share will surely help someone somewhere in some way!

Also keep in mind that I am sharing my own personal experiences, so what has worked for me might not work for you, however that being said a lot of my peers have been thanking me for the tips that I have shared with them over the past couple of months saying that they have had some good results, which is why I decided to make a video for you guys in the first place.

Please check out P.O.V as it is a 80s 90s style action comedy short film that was shot on DV in 1st person view, which might sound like a weird project for someone to want to sponsor but we still managed it anyway!

Also check out Unsocial Media, which has just recently finished its T.V. run! I am very proud of this silent short which is supposed to reflect the OVERUSE of social media and the UNDER USE of real life interaction. We were 3rd for a full week on the regional T.V charts, not bad for a silent !!!

Also please consider checking out my patreon account and maybe even my paypal as these allow me to continue to concentrate on the filmmaking process and worry less about the financial problems that can creep up on a filmset!

If theses tips do help then please link your short film in the comment section, I look forward to seeing your work!

Do not forget to subscribe as we have lots of cool stuff coming up soon like stop motion animation, live action movies and travel vlogs, for now however I wish you all the best and thank you for watching and hopefully dropping a little like so that I know to keep making these!


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