En plein air techniques with Brienne M Brown | Colour In Your Life

En plein air techniques with Brienne M Brown | Colour In Your Life

En plein air techniques and demonstration with Brienne Brown – en plein air watercolor painting techniques and tutorial for beginners or artists of all ages and skills. In this fantastic clip learn some great, practical tips for getting out and about with your painting and tackling the wonderful genre of en plein air painting! Brienne gives you loads of advice to simplify your outdoor painting adventures in order to get the most out of observing from life. In this great, short clip she also gives a demonstration of her own en plein air painting experience in a location near here home in Pennsylvania, United States.

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Materials used in Brienne’s featured artwork and general practise is as follows, from the artist:

“I use a combination of paint supply companies, including Holbein, Daniel Smith, and MaiMeri. I choose my paint based on the color, transparency, and consistency of the paint, which can differ between brands. I am also always finding new exciting colors
to add to my palette.

Right now, this is what is on my palette:
Cobalt Blue (any brand)
Ultramarine Deep (HOL)
Turquoise Blue (MaiMeri)
Sap Green (DS)
Carbazole Violet (DS)
Transparent Red Oxide (DS)
Dragons Blood (MaiMeri)
Permanent Alizarin Crimson (any brand)
Quinacridone Rose (DS)
Quinacridone Magenta (DS)
Permanent Yellow Lemon (HOL)
Transparent Yellow Oxide (DS)
Permanent Orange (HOL)
Pyrrole Red (DS)
Neutral Tint (Any Brand)
Payne’s Grey (Any Brand)
Some Favourite opaque colors:
Lavender (HOL)
Horizon Blue (HOL)
Cobalt Green (HOL)
Napels Yellow (HOL)

I use many I collected over the years. However, the
se are my must have brushes…
A squirrel mop

I have used many different brands and a lot are good. The
important facts are that they hold a lot of water and come to a pretty good point.

Right now I am using great synthetic squirrel mops and I love them. My favorites are:
Princeton Neptune Mop Brush
DaVinci Casaneo Mop Brush.
Escoda Perla Torrey short handled white synthetic brushes.
My favorite is the number 18. I can almost paint the whole painting with this brush.
A recent favourite of mine is the Princeton Aqua Elite Long Round brushes. I love the shape of these brushes; they seem to be able to do many different strokes.
Skroggy’s Loose Goose from Cheap Joe’s. I haven’t found another one I like better for making random lines. So much fun!

I mostly use Sanders Waterford Cold press and rough 140 lb when I am painting on just paper. However, when I am plein air painting I use watercolor panels which I make myself. I make them by adhering Sander’s Waterford 200lb

300lb watercolor paper to 3/16 inch gator board with acrylic heavy gel medium. I make many different sizes and then I can varnish the painting when I am done and frame them without glass. These panels have been a revelation for me because I haven’t liked watercolor boards or canvases. They don’t react to the paint in the same way as watercolor paper does. But, my panels are pretty close. I have a couple YouTube videos out that explain my entire process. See them here:

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

I use En Plein Air Pro Watercolor Easel and Magello plastic palette for my en plein air work.

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