Edmund Lozano & Jazmin Harvey – LOTUS | On The Fly Filmmaking

Edmund Lozano & Jazmin Harvey – LOTUS | On The Fly Filmmaking

Popcorn Talk Network University, the online broadcast network that features movie discussion, news, interviews and commentary proudly presents “On The Fly Filmmaking (OTFF). Each episode of OTFF centers upon one movie title where Marielou Mandl interviews expert Guerilla Filmmakers from different facets of the industry, and discuss how to make affordable movies on the fly. Here you will learn free tips and tricks of filmmaking that they do not teach you in film school, and then you too can make a movie!

Host & Producer Marielou Mandl (@MarielouMandl) interview guerilla filmmakers, Edmund Lozano & Jazmin Harvey. In this interview they discuss their short 48 Hour Film Festival film “LOTUS” and their process of making their film on the fly!

Jazmin Harvey studied digital filmmaking at New Mexico State University. Since graduating, she has moved to Los Angeles and found freelance work in crew positions ranging from DIT to DP. In addition, she is a videography and editing intern at the ACLU of Southern California. Jazmin is obsessed with good TV and is currently addicted to House of Cards, but can find it in herself to sit back and relax with some Bob’s Burgers.

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