DYNAMOMETER ǀ Award Winning Children Short Film ǀ Drama ǀ 2019

DYNAMOMETER ǀ Award Winning Children Short Film ǀ Drama ǀ 2019


A thirteen – year – old refugee girl, ostracized by her classmates, seeks an opportunity to participate in a group physics experiment at her school.

Awards and Nominees:

1)Indie Short Fest (2019)
Los Angeles
United States
April Award
Winner: Best Children Short

2)The Buddha International Film Festival (2019)
Pune, Maharashtra
Winner: Best Story

3)Independent Shorts Awards (2019)
Los Angeles
United States
June Award
Winner: Silver Award – Best Children Short

4)Oniros Film Awards (2019)
Saint – Vincent
February Edition
Winner: 1.Best Inspirational Film, 2.Best Main Theme, 3.Best Prop
Honorable Mention: Best Ensemble
Nominee: 1.Best Indie Film, 2.Best Producer, 3.Best Scenography, 4.Best Poster

5)Short to the Point International Film Festival (2019)
Nominee: Children Short

6)British Council (2019)
6th Panhellenic Competition
Respecting Diversity – Say No to Bullying
Winner: 5th Prize

Directed: George Leontakianakos
Written: Nancy Spetsioti
Produced: George Leontakianakos & Konstantinos Gourgiotis
Cast: Maria Tolia, Rosa – Emilia Tsakiraki Van Den Brink, Myrto Pavlakou, Theodora Papamichali, Despina Stoka & Kiki Mitsiou
Casting: George Leontakianakos & Kiki Mitsiou
1st Assistant Director: Konstantinos Gourgiotis
2nd Assistant Director: Kiki Mitsiou
Script Supervisor: Tonia Giannoula
Associate Producers: Konstantinos Gourgiotis & Kiki Mitsiou
Assistant Producer: Manos Meletis
Director of Photography, Camera & Gaffer: Mike Kalidonis
Second Camera: Konstantinos Gourgiotis
Best Boy: Manos Meletis
Production Designer: George Leontakianakos
Art Director: Ilias Haralabakis
Assistant Art Director: Konstantinos Gourgiotis
Costumes: George Leontakianakos
Make up and Make up FX: Kiki Mitsiou
Edited: Konstantinos Gourgiotis
Sound Design: Konstantinos Gourgiotis
Post Production (Grading – Vfx): Yiannis Stravolaimos
Location Scouter & Location Manager: George Leontakianakos
Poster Design: George Leontakianakos & Stelios Fotopoulos
Making-of & Teaser: Konstantinos Gourgiotis


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