Dubai Film Festival RED CARPET!!

Dubai Film Festival RED CARPET!!

Chaos on the carpet and flips for Grammys with Tanner Fox!!


Best Paparazzi Day Ever 686

Welcome back to Dubai. Today we are looking for Dubai’s, maybe even the worlds largest swimming pool. We head out on our boat taxi through though the water roads till we reach…the Persian Gulf. Ok, not a pool but still awesome. We finally find the pool and this thing is massive. You know the dolphin is happening here.

After swimming its time for why we’re in Dubia. We were invited to speak at the Dubai International Film Festival 2017 and its so dope. We arrive at the Dubai Film Festival RED CARPET and its a mad house. Cameras everywhere, interviews left and right, super noisy, but incredible. We are getting ready to go into a movie premiere so we throw back to the Spacestation where they are throwing someone a surprise party. Shhh! don’t tell.

We then explore the inside of the festival and see some amazing Run with the Jewels (you’ll get it if you watch). We then find our way into another film. This is amazing!! Can’t wait for the adventures of tomorrow.


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